CCTV Camera – Features & Options

November 7, 2021

CCTV Camera – Features & Options

From homes, residential and commercial buildings to offices and businesses, retail spaces, and governmental, hospitality, healthcare, and educational facilities- everywhere you look, become the essential security camera features are very important for safety and protection.

Installing modern safety cameras can be one of the best ways to protect your home or business. Not only are CCTV cameras great for collecting evidence in the event a crime, but they are also one of the best effective crime deterrents available.

What Features Should a Security Camera Have?

Wireless technology has come a long way since the early days. With modern Wi-Fi security camera systems, homes and businesses have access to a wide range of CCTV features that make them more effective and they also come with a variety of qualities that make them more versatile and convenient. If you are considering installing security cameras for your home or business, the following are some of the best security camera features available.

High-Definition (HD) Video Capture – Gone are the days of grainy, choppy safety footage. Most advanced security cameras come with at least 720p resolution, and it is even possible to upgrade to 1080p. With HD video recording, you get a clear image to see exactly what is going on in the camera’s field of view.

Two-way Audio – You can now have alarm system installation that comes equipped with a speaker and a microphone for two-way audio. With this feature, the person monitoring the video can communicate with the person or people in front of the camera. An excellent example of this is the doorbell camera. With this device, you can see people at your front door and have a conversation with them.

Night Vision and Low-light Recording – With a Wi-Fi outdoor security camera installation that can still record clear images in the dark, it is much easier to protect your home or business at night. Some night vision cameras use image intensifiers to amplify the ambient light that is in the frame. Other low-light surveillance cameras may use infrared light to provide a clear image in the dark. If you are designing a home monitoring camera, having a few with night vision capabilities can be useful.

Cloud Storage – One option for storing the video is to buy a DVR, but you do not have to be limited to the storage space you can house on-site. With great wireless outdoor security camera systems that is connect to the internet, you can upload all of your safety footage to a cloud storage service. That not only means that you get more storage space, but it also means you can check your camera feeds from anyplace you have access to the internet. Furthermore, it’s better for security camera service. With cloud storage, an intruder cannot destroy the evidence of their crime by stealing the DVR or tape.

Motion Activated Security Cameras – If you are storing your safety footage to a DVR or if there is a cap on your available cloud storage, you don’t want to have your cameras recording 24/7. Motion-activated cameras offer the right solution for conserving video storage space. These cameras come equipped with a motion sensor. When something enters the camera’s field of view, the motion sensor activates the camera. That way, it is only recorded when there is an activity to record.

Wide Dynamic Range – The dynamic range of security camera systems refers to its ability to record in conditions that are bright and dark accurately. In some situations, you might have an area where part of the field is very bright, and another part is very dark. With a camera that has a wide dynamic range, it can balance the light in the video to make it, so the bright parts do not get washed out, and so the darker parts don’t get too dark to see.

Tech Vistar is a leading provider for security camera services in India. We design and install camera systems for homes and businesses, and we offer an array of the top security camera features available today. If you are interested in wireless cameras, electronic home alarm systems, call our expert team for a consultation.

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